Help us improve your business by becoming part of the partner program. Both you and your customers can benefit from the partnership with Prolateral.

Partners - What's in it for me

As a company in business to make a profit - it's a fair question: WIIFM, "What's in it for me?"

Prolateral is committed to the partner program and we are committed to our partners.  When you sign up for one of the partner programs you will benefit from the following:

  • Extending your product portfolio and services
  • Newly created year-on-year recurring revenue
  • Online signup process to put on your very own website
  • Online signup documentation
  • LiveServices module for WHMCS Billing system [Optional]
  • A portal branded to blend in with your company image
  • Marketing material that you can brand with your details and logo
  • Free demo site
  • Free trial of the live system
  • No worries or hassles of updates or maintenance: let us worry about that.
  • No need for additional hardware or software

Reselling any of Prolateral’s services is easier than you think. Just about anyone can resell them by being a Prolateral Channel Partner. The partner program is ideal if you have your own hosting business and you want to these services to your hosting package.

Reselling is easy and profitable and very inexpensive to buy with different levels of discount depending on your partner level. The service is a white label service enabling you to brand the solution to fit into your existing branding.

You have the flexibility to cherry pick which services you do and don’t want to resell from the profilter (hosted anti-spam filter), outMail (outbound SMTP relay and smarthost) and DNS services both Master DNS and Secondary DNS (also known as Backup DNS)